Monday, 24 March 2014

And Now The Weather (Again)

Britain has more weather forecasters than any other country in the world.  One quarter of the entire workforce is employed at the Met Office and they all take it in turns to present the forecast, which is shown after every programme on TV (apart from on the Weather Channel where it is the only programme).

Unfortunately for all the forecasters, there are only four types of weather in Britain: lovely and sunny (August), rainy (spring), snowy (every second February) and a bit chilly (all the rest of the time), so there is a lot of repetition.

Yet despite all the frantic arm waving, manic grinning, and pseudo-scientific waffle, the only certainty about the weather forecast is that it will be wrong.

The last time I trusted Michael Fish, I left home in shorts and a t-shirt and caught pneumonia before I could finish my Cornetto.


And now the latest weather report from the Met Office: It is currently a bit chilly, and it will remain that way until next April.

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