Monday, 24 March 2014

Nuclear Power, Monks and Beer

Our local nuclear power station is run entirely by monks.  This is not because monks have a natural aptitude for nuclear physics, but because the station was built on the site of a Franciscan Priory and they refused to leave.

To be fair, they’ve made a good job it, fitting nuclear power station duties in around all the praying and brewing.  In ten years of operation there has only been one incident.  A tour group of Dominican Monks from America perished when they mistook a bowl of uranium for a sherbet dib dab.

Aside from larking about with nuclear fission, the monks have earned quite a reputation for their beer, which they produce on-site, to a secret recipe.  It’s potent stuff.  I once had a pint of their premium ale ‘Yellowcake Special’ and all my hair fell out.  

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